Complaints, Comments and Suggestions

If you should find it necessary to make a complaint please ask to speak to the Reception Manager or the General Manager in the first instance. You will be given a complaints procedure leaflet. You can complain either in writing or in person, when you will be asked to fill out a complaints form. Your complaint will be acknowledged within 2 working days and you will be contacted for further details. The General Manager will work with you to create a complaints action plan outlining what you want resolved, by whom and in what time frame. Progress reports will then be made until the complaint is resolved. If you feel that the complaint has not been resolved you can opt to take the complaint to an independent authority, the details of which will be in the leaflet and the final letter from the practice. A practice complaints leaflet is available in reception.

We endeavour to make our service as user-friendly as possible, and welcome any comments or suggestions you may have to help us to do this. Please put your suggestions in brief, in writing, and place in the box where the repeat prescription requests are collected. Please remember to put your name and either a contact telephone number or address so that your communication can be acknowledged.

Coronavirus (Covid-19)

All patients and visitors please do not come to the surgery if you suspect you have coronavirus.
Ring 111 for help and advice.
If you attend a GP Surgery you risk infecting other people.