Please think carefully before booking an appointment with a GP. Can your needs be met elsewhere, for example a dentist, an optician or even going to the pharmacy for a consultation with their pharmacist about minor ailments.

We now have the following employed within the practice, all of whom are specialists in their own area and this may mean you are seen quicker, by a more suitable clinician whilst also freeing up a GP appointment that may be used by someone else:

Practice Pharmacists

These clinicians are specially trained in medications and their use, as well as any interactions with other medications. They are therefore ideally placed to give you advice on your medication, answer any questions you may have about them or assist you with hospital discharge letters or general queries. They can also carry out your regular medication reviews to see how you are coping with the medication. If you query is specifically about medication then please ask about the appointments with a practice pharmacist.

You can book an appointment with a GP of your choice or with any GP. If you book with any GP then you have a right to an appointment within 48 hours. If you wish to see any clinician (i.e. GP or Practice Nurse you have a right to an appointment within 24 hours). In accordance with paragraph 18 of Schedule 5 of the Primary Medical Services Contract you have a right to express a preference of practitioner. Please inform our reception staff, or press the appropriate prompt if you wish to do this. However please bear in mind that due to GP leave, sickness or at busy times it may not be able to give you an appointment with your preferred GP within the above timescale.

Patient Access Policy

The surgery has condensed much of the relevant information on access to appointments, clinicians and prescriptions into one easy to read Access Policy. This can be viewed by clicking this link.

Do you know how to book an appointment at the surgery?

You can now book over the Internet. You will need a username and password which are supplied by reception staff. Otherwise, you can book by telephone – but it is very busy first thing in the morning – leave it until after 11.00 if it is not urgent please, or come in person.

After work with the patient group and our telephone provider we have recently streamlined our telephone menu. Other than appointments and emergencies we ask patients not to call before 10am when we are at our busiest with patients requesting appointments.

Before 10am you will hear the following prompts:

Please press 1 for emergencies, home visits or appointments or for all other enquiries please call back after 10am.

If you press 1 you will then have the following choices:

Now press:

  • 1 for a home visit
  • 2 to book or cancel an appointment using a receptionist

After 10am you will hear the following prompts:


  • 1 for emergencies, home visits or appointments.
  • 2 for all other calls.

If you press 1 you will have the following choices

Now press:

  • 1 for a home visit
  • 2 to book or cancel an appointment using a receptionist.

If you press 2 you will have the following choices:

Now press:

  • 1 for test results which are only available from 11.30am to 1.30 pm
  • 2 to speak to the Medical Secretaries
  • 3 to speak to the Prescriptions Clerk who is only available from 11.00am to 12.30 pm and from 1.00 to 4.00 pm.
  • Or please hold for the operator

On Mondays there is no advanced booking. Anyone who needs to be seen can ring up and get an appointment on that day.

On Tuesdays to Fridays there is an opportunity to book up to two weeks in advance. For instance, on Tuesday you will be able to book any available slots between the next day and the following Tuesday. Some appointments are reserved for urgent appointments on the day.

Unfortunately at very busy times, such as half term and through the summer when there are a few doctors absent, booking may be limited to on the day only.

Protected Learning Times 2023 – 24

Once a month, on a Wednesday afternoon there is protected learning time so that clinical and administrative staff can receive training and promote team building. The dates for the coming year are:

Protected learning times is a Wakefield CCG wide event which is usually held on the 2nd or 3rd Wednesday afternoon of each month except for August and December. This enables Practices to spend time being trained on mandatory and clinical subjects such as Fire Training, Basic Life Support and Infection Prevention and Control for the benefit of patients and staff alike. On these days we close the surgery at 12.00.

  • 8th February 2023
  • 15th March 2023
  • 19th April 2023
  • 17th May 2023
  • 21st June 2023
  • 12th July 2023
  • 13th September 2023
  • 11th October 2023
  • 15th November 2023
  • 17th January 2024
  • 21st February 2024
  • 13th March 2024

Bank Holidays for 2023 

We will be closed on the following dates for bank holiday:

  • 2nd January 2023
  • 7th April 2023
  • 10th April 2023
  • 1st May 2023
  • 29th May 2023
  • 28th August 2023
  • 25th December 2023
  • 26th December 2023


Booking appointments

When contacting the practice to book an appointment, please be aware that you will be asked for information by the Medical Care Navigators. They need to know, to help them ensure that patients are seen by the most appropriate service to deal with the situation. Anything you tell them will be treated in absolute confidence.