Complaints, Comments and Suggestions

We hope that we will be able to resolve the majority of issues locally and at the time that the issue arises.

However, if you do wish to make a complaint please ask to speak to the Office Manager,  Administration Manager or the General Manager . You can complain in person or in writing by letter to the address opposite, by email at [email protected], via the website comment box or by a complaints form available at the reception desk.

In the first instance we will endeavor to bring the matter to a satisfactory conclusion informally if appropriate. If the complaint is formal you will be given a complaints procedure leaflet. Your complaint will be acknowledged within 2 working days and you will be contacted for further details. The General Manager will work with you to create a complaints action plan outlining what what your main issues are, what your aims are and in what time frame you would like this completed. If appropriate and agreed progress reports will then be made until the complaint is resolved.

Please note that the NHS complaints procedure dictates that complaints can only be investigated once; this can be by the practice or NHS England and it is up to you to decide which you would prefer.  If you do choose NHS England they will contact us to conduct our own investigation. Please note that if you choose the practice to investigate the complaint then your next course of action is to escalate this to the Health and Social Care Ombudsman who will contact us to discuss our investigation. NHS England CANNOT re-investigate something we have already investigated.

If you feel that the complaint has not been resolved to your satisfaction you can opt to take the complaint to an independent authority, the details of which will be in the leaflet and the final letter from the practice. A practice complaints leaflet is available in reception.

We endeavor to make our service as user-friendly as possible, and welcome any comments or suggestions you may have to help us to do this (both positive and negative). Please put your suggestions, in writing, and place in the box in the waiting room.  All comments and suggestions are reviewed and discussed with the Patient Participation Group.

You can also comment via a link on our website. Please remember to put your name and either a contact telephone number or address so that your communication can be acknowledged.

Booking appointments

When contacting the practice to book an appointment, please be aware that you will be asked for information by the Medical Care Navigators. They need to know, to help them ensure that patients are seen by the most appropriate service to deal with the situation. Anything you tell them will be treated in absolute confidence.