What to do in an Emergency

Choose Well. Choose the correct treatment

Please remember that Accident and Emergency Departments and 999 services are exactly that – for serious emergency cases. An emergency is a critical or life-threatening situation in which the patient is in immediate danger and which may include loss of consciousness, severe chest pain, or loss of blood.

This practice has one of the highest out-of-hours call rates in the Wakefield & Pontefract area, and also a very large number of patients present at Accident and Emergency at Pinderfields hospital, sometimes putting unnecessary pressure on secondary care services.

People who use these services for minor problems may prevent others with life-threatening conditions from getting the immediate care they need. Please think carefully before attending A&E or calling for an ambulance. Can you help yourself or be seen elsewhere first (at the Surgery, at the King Street Medical Centre open 10:00 am to 10:00 pm 7 days a week), or by calling NHS Direct). The short leaflet below gives you some ideas of what can be seen by whom. It can be printed off or a copy requested from the Surgery.

You should always attend A&E if you feel you that you need urgent medical treatment, for example for a broken bone, a bad scald/burn, a wound that requires stitches or chest pains/shortness of breath etc. However in some cases A&E is not required so ask yourself if you really need to attend. But please remember – if in any doubt, do attend. Better safe than sorry.

Booking appointments

When contacting the practice to book an appointment, please be aware that you will be asked for information by the Medical Care Navigators. They need to know, to help them ensure that patients are seen by the most appropriate service to deal with the situation. Anything you tell them will be treated in absolute confidence.